“Go into all the world…”

I founded Mind Activation Code LLC in 2013 with the mission to provide Christian faith inspired resources. Initially, Mind Activation Code provided apps for iOS devices and expanded to books. After taking a hiatus to focus on school, I graduated from Charis Bible College in 2019 and was awarded a Masters in Biblical Studies along with a ministry license. Now, Mind Activation Code has been relaunched with fresh vision and a new family of brands to encourage Christian believers to know God in a deeper way, to understand their new identity in Christ, and to be more impactful in the world.

Mind Activation Code and associated brands are dedicated to providing a portion of profits to support Christian faith-based non-profit work to help children, families, and communities locally and around the world. Examples of my business and family’s current support include the work of our local Church, children’s sponsorship in South America and Africa, a marriage ministry, youth outreach, and a ministry for missions training.

Your support through purchases from any of these brands enables Mind Activation Code to continue to produce resources and further support others.

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