The Excitement of the Olympic Games

The olympic games ended recently.  Countries from around the world were present.  The athletes have trained for years for this moment in life.  All the festivities, the events and people cheering all add to the excitement that is the olympic games.

Of course for me, as with many things, there is a message (perhaps many messages) in the Olympics.  Did you know that you can easily become an olympian too?  You will not need awkward fitting swimsuits or volleyball outfits that ride up — you ladies understand me.  In fact, very little physical equipment is needed to get started.  Whether we are young in age or just young in heart, we can still be olympians.  We are equipped to become olympians of faith.

Here comes the question…

Okay.  So the question is “How do we prepare for our Olympics?”  Don’t worry.  In this next series on Olympian of Faith, I’ll relate the athlete experience to developing a deeper belief and stronger faith enabling us to touch the wall, spike the ball, make the goal, or cross the finish line depending on which event or analogy suits you.

We’ll learn about:

  • How athletes specialize and the benefits of picking an event
  • Avoiding distractions and staying focused
  • The value of quality training time
  • Dealing with pain and overcoming obstacles
  • The finish and the medal winner’s platform

You will be ready before the next olympic games has its opening ceremony.

Talk about this:

What do you think it takes to be an “Olympian of Faith”?

Let me know in the comments below, on Facebook, or twitter using hashtag #OlympianOfFaith.


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