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There are new updates for projects coming this fall, and new changes occurring at Mind Activation Code.  Become an email subscriber to get notified first of the newest product releases, special offers, and also get the latest freebie.

What’s New

  1. New for Reading Room:  A new book currently titled “Unlocking Peace” has been in the works for release this year.  Email subscribers will be notified as soon as it becomes available for pre-order.
  2. New for Apps & Games:  If you aren’t already aware, Apple has iOS 10 for iPhone/iPad available this fall with all sorts of new features.  One really fun feature will be the iMessage Store where you can get sticker packs and apps to enhance your text messages.  I, like many others, rarely use the actual phone part of iPhone.  So, I plan to join in on the text sticker action.  Be on the look out for sticker packs from Mind Activation Code this fall after the release of iOS 10.  Again, it pays to be an email subscriber.  You’ll be first to find out about what is available and when.
  3. Closing Soon:  In an effort to focus more on what you want, the Inspired Gear section of Mind Activation Code will be closed by the end of 2016.  This enables me to focus more on what you have shown to be most important and beneficial to you.
  4. New Resource Recommendations:  In addition to the resources created through Mind Activation Code, there will be even more resources offered on this site by adding a new section of recommended books and apps.  How about music playlists?  Okay, consider it done.
  5. Watch More Video:  I am also working on making more use of video.  A welcome video is in the works, in addition to more product related videos.  There just might be some online tutorials in the future.  Maybe.  Either way, an email subscriber will be the first know.

Stay Watchful

Mind Activation Code is transforming to be your source for resources and ongoing encouragement to support you in daily christian living.  Updates to the site begin this fall to make room for all the new and exciting things taking place here.

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