Not that kind of trader

Sorry, this is not a post about day trading.  Nope, this is not a post about investing in various markets and financial instruments either.  This is about a shift in how we choose to view and live life.

I came across this video through RightNow Media ( that asks us as Christians to evaluate our lives — what is and could be possible. Take a look.

Key points on traders


  • Recognize their time on earth is short compared to eternity
  • Are willing to let go of the distorted view of a successful life that includes a self-centered focus and greed
  • Make the daily choice to pursue Christ
  • Are a new kind of missionary defined by mission rather than geography
  • Live out their faith
  • Are intentional in their stewardship of time, money, and skills
  • Hate injustice and look for ways to bring hope to the world
  • See everything they do, including work, as an opportunity to glorify God
  • Act swiftly to answer the call of what they are to do
  • Are Kingdom focused rather then self-focused
  • Understand their short time on earth can have an eternal impact


Are we there yet?

Traders live free, fulfilling, and faith-filled lives. Evaluate your own life to see if any changes are needed.

  • Are there things that stand between you and openly following Christ?
  • Having possessions can be a blessing depending on your relationship to them.  Do you own things or do your things own you?
  • Is there anything in your inventory that you think you absolutely cannot do without? What if God asked you to let it go?

Trading really isn’t about losing anything.  Trading is about a special exchange that allows the trader to gain so much more.  We can have a tremendous impact in the immediate world around us when we are intentional in shifting our mindset and our priorities.

Question: What did you take away from the video? Are you ready to make a trade?


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