Could you use some peace right about now?

As Christmas and the new year quickly approach, all kinds of feelings can surface. For some it is grief, for others it can be stress and anxiety brought on by all the activity. Expectations of having the perfect gathering or past experiences of less than perfect get togethers can take a toll. Additionally, recent events around the world can be a cause of fear and ongoing anxiety. That being said, it seems a series of posts on Peace would be appropriate and helpful during this season.

What kind of peace are we going to be talking about?

I had a recent opportunity to walk this peace thing out, when my car broke down a few days ago. My son and I were probably 30 minutes from home when we had to pull over on the side of the road, and yet I can say that it was a really good day. Strange isn’t it? Peace.

My husband showed up on the scene with a second vehicle, and arrangements were made to get our car towed. Plus, the car dealership service department was notified of our impending arrival. Considering our travel route, we broke down in a really good spot. The car had enough momentum to get well past an intersection that we had entered when we started having car issues. Peace.

While my husband and son waited with the car, I was able to take the other vehicle and get back to the house, unload a few things, then head back to join them in waiting for the tow truck. While we were waiting together, we heard a loud noise and then saw a large dairy truck lose a couple tires. The truck was able to maintain control, roll past us on a bare tireless rim, and pull over to park in front of us. Our spot was becoming popular. We now had company. Let us not take it for granted that the scenario could have been worse involving an out of control truck running into us. It was a blessing that we were kept safe from any harm the whole time. Peace.

The tow truck arrived and connected the car and then we were off to the dealership. When we got to the dealership, the tow truck had already delivered the vehicle and was in the process of leaving. The tow did not cost us, and any repair work would be covered by warranty. Peace.

In the midst of what should have been a stressful event, and in the midst of what could have caused clashes of attitude, was total peace, positivity, and gratitude. Even the day after, all of us were amazed at the peace each of us had. Nobody had anything negative to say during this situation, after we were all safely home, or even now a few days later.

As our focus verse Isaiah 26:3 states, “You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You”. So as we discuss peace, what we mean and what we need is perfect peace. It is that perfect peace that enables us to rise above the storms of life and all the anxiety that usually resides in the midst of storms. According to the Holman Bible Dictionary, peace (that is spiritual peace) is defined as a “sense of well-being and fulfillment that comes from God and is dependent on His presence”.

Peace is near.

In this series, I’ll cover what I believe to be the 4 primary keys to peace:
1. Knowing God the Father
2. Knowing God the Son
3. Knowing God the Holy Spirit
4. Knowing The Believer (Ourselves)

We will start with the first key in the next post. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to receive updates.


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