Declaring Your Freedom This 4th of July

Freedom verse Galatians 5:1

Freedom and the 4th of July In honor of Independence Day (July 4th in the USA), I thought freedom would be a fitting theme to write about.  Freedom and independence usually go together.  There is a synonymous relationship between the two, along with slight differences.  From Freedom emphasizes the opportunity given for the exercise […]

Valentine’s Day: Our Super Bowl of Love

Love’s Super Bowl Oh Valentine’s Day. Even with all the coverage about the Super Bowl we just had, I could not let the week go by without saying something about Valentine’s Day. Ahhh. Love is in the air…or so we think. There are plenty of commercials for the chocolates, the flowers, the diamonds, and now the chocolate diamonds. […]

Martin Luther King Day: Love Required

We haven't learned to walk as brothers and sisters

The call to love: Today we recognize the work of Martin Luther King, Jr and what he stood for in this world. He as a Christian believer and minister of the gospel chose love over hate, courage over fear, and righteousness over unrighteous culture constraints of the day. True, he was a great civil rights […]