Want more olympic games? How to have your own

Olympian of Faith

The Excitement of the Olympic Games The olympic games ended recently.  Countries from around the world were present.  The athletes have trained for years for this moment in life.  All the festivities, the events and people cheering all add to the excitement that is the olympic games. Of course for me, as with many things, […]

Announcement: Updates for Fall 2016

updates announcement reminder notes

Your Attention Please There are new updates for projects coming this fall, and new changes occurring at Mind Activation Code.  Become an email subscriber to get notified first of the newest product releases, special offers, and also get the latest freebie. What’s New New for Reading Room:  A new book currently titled “Unlocking Peace” has been in the works […]

Pray and Keep the Faith

Our Faith

Hold on and keep the faith. Pray. Around the timing of this post, more and more news coverage had poured in regarding yet another senseless act of violence.  This time the senseless act was against innocent people celebrating in Nice, France.  I had planned on doing a post for some announcements, but thought it better to post-pone […]

Declaring Your Freedom This 4th of July

Freedom verse Galatians 5:1

Freedom and the 4th of July In honor of Independence Day (July 4th in the USA), I thought freedom would be a fitting theme to write about.  Freedom and independence usually go together.  There is a synonymous relationship between the two, along with slight differences.  From dictionary.com: Freedom emphasizes the opportunity given for the exercise […]

Comparing: It Happened So Fast

Galatians 6:4 verse - no comparing

Comparing ourselves. Deep down, we know we shouldn’t do it, but it can happen in an instant if we aren’t watchful over our minds.  Comparing.  I did it recently without even trying.  Maybe it happened to you recently too. I can explain. See, what had happened was… I had been watching the live streams and […]

Are You Ready To Be A Trader?

Different Kind of Trade

Not that kind of trader Sorry, this is not a post about day trading.  Nope, this is not a post about investing in various markets and financial instruments either.  This is about a shift in how we choose to view and live life. I came across this video through RightNow Media (www.rightnowmedia.org) that asks us […]