How Faith-filled Perspective Impacts Your Outcome

Title: Have Faith-filled Perspective

Faith-filled Perspective That Sees Life Restored Faith finds an opportunity to grow or die when we are faced with adversity. This day would be one of those opportunities, and a faith-filled perspective would prove critical. Jesus was crossing a lake and was met by a large crowd upon his arrival to shore. Among the people […]

Education (College): Haven’t done the FAFSA yet? Read this now!

Thanks for the education!

It’s FAFSA time! Recently, I was in a discussion about getting kids prepared for college and FAFSA filing, when I realized that I possessed a lot of information that others could use. I had already sent one of my own kids off to college, with my second child projected to go to college in 2017. […]

4 Keys to Peace – Key #2, Knowing God (The Son)

Prince of Peace

Peace Enters The New Testament God being peace isn’t just an Old Testament thing. Peace continues to be a theme in the New Testament. In the New Testament, written in Greek, the word for peace is eirene. The usage of peace encompasses the same idea of a spiritual peace or well-being, but also includes restoration, reconciliation, […]

4 Keys to Peace – Key #1, Knowing God (The Father)

verse Job 22:21

Names matter. In the Old Testament, written in Hebrew, the word for peace is shalom. It is also in the Old Testament where we find reference to the name Yahweh Shalom (or Jehovah Shalom) which means “The Lord is Peace”. Judges 6:23-24 —But the Lord said to him, “Peace! Do not be afraid. You are […]

4 Keys to Peace – Introduction

Perfect Peace, Isaiah 26:3 text

Could you use some peace right about now? As Christmas and the new year quickly approach, all kinds of feelings can surface. For some it is grief, for others it can be stress and anxiety brought on by all the activity. Expectations of having the perfect gathering or past experiences of less than perfect get […]