10 Things to Keep in Mind as You Graduate

Wisdom for the Christian Graduate


Congratulations to the latest graduating class!  As one chapter or season of life ends another one begins.  How sweet it is to hear those words, “You are a graduate.” graduate (noun) — a person who has received a degree or diploma on completing a course of study, as in a university, college, or school. graduate (verb) — to pass by degrees; change gradually.  [dictionary.com] As a graduate, you have passed where you were by degrees and you have changed gradually over time. […]

No More Hunger and Thirst

2 Steps to a More Than Satisfied Life

image of bread basket and water for hunger and thirst

Have you ever experienced hunger, thirst or cravings? Hunger and thirst are nagging and sometimes painful feelings that send you in search of something to make that feeling go away.  Sometimes, what we have just isn’t enough to satisfy our need. In contrast, think about the best meal you have ever eaten.  I am talking about […]

Olympian Of Faith, part 3 – The Winner’s Podium

Taking Your Rightful Place

Olympian Of Faith, Part 3, Medal Winners Podium

Finishing Your Event The winner’s podium is in clear view of those who are the winners.  Let’s here it for those who persevered to the end!  We all cheer for those crossing the finish line.  Not everybody who starts an event completes it. The goal is never to quit, but to finish with the best […]

Olympian of Faith, Part 2 – Training

Equipped to Overcome and Win

Olympian of Faith Part 2, Training

Training Matters Regardless of when you start training, childhood or later, training as an athlete is an ongoing requirement to get better. For the christian, this training propels us forward to becoming more spiritually mature.  Maturity produces an understanding of our identity as children of God, an understanding of how we have been equipped by God, […]

Olympian Of Faith, Part 1 – Develop In Your Event

Level Up and Reduce Distraction By Owning Your Specialty

Olympian Of Faith Part 1

For part 1 of Olympian of Faith, let us look at what specializing does for the athlete and the Christian.  Together, we will see that specializing is not just a “nice to do”, but rather a “must do” to become an olympian.  I’ll give you 3 quick benefits: Focus, Freedom, and Accelerated Growth. 1) Focus Did you notice […]

Want more olympic games? How to have your own

Olympian of Faith

The Excitement of the Olympic Games The olympic games ended recently.  Countries from around the world were present.  The athletes have trained for years for this moment in life.  All the festivities, the events and people cheering all add to the excitement that is the olympic games. Of course for me, as with many things, […]

Comparing: It Happened So Fast

Galatians 6:4 verse - no comparing

Comparing ourselves. Deep down, we know we shouldn’t do it, but it can happen in an instant if we aren’t watchful over our minds.  Comparing.  I did it recently without even trying.  Maybe it happened to you recently too. I can explain. See, what had happened was… I had been watching the live streams and […]

Are You Ready To Be A Trader?

Different Kind of Trade

Not that kind of trader Sorry, this is not a post about day trading.  Nope, this is not a post about investing in various markets and financial instruments either.  This is about a shift in how we choose to view and live life. I came across this video through RightNow Media (www.rightnowmedia.org) that asks us […]