Independence Day
Celebrating USA Independence Day

Happy 4th of July!  Happy Independence Day!

Have a safe and blessed holiday.

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Memorial Day Never Forgotten
Memorial Day: Sacrifice Never Forgotten

As you celebrate Memorial Day (USA), have fun and be safe.  Most importantly, be sure to honor the sacrifice of the men and women of the military who laid down their lives in service to the nation for freedom at home and abroad.

10 Things to Keep in Mind as You Graduate

Wisdom for the Christian Graduate


Congratulations to the latest graduating class!  As one chapter or season of life ends another one begins.  How sweet it is to hear those words, “You are a graduate.” graduate (noun) — a person who has received a degree or diploma on completing a course of study, as in a university, college, or school. graduate (verb) — to pass by degrees; change gradually.  [] As a graduate, you have passed where you were by degrees and you have changed gradually over time. […]

Honoring Mothers

Recognition of the High Calling of Motherhood

For Moms and Mother-Figures. Proverbs 31

Motherhood Involves Leadership One of my favorite women of the Bible is Deborah, found in the Old Testament book of Judges.  Deborah was a prophet called by God.  She heard from God and spoke the words of God to God’s people.  Not only was she a prophet, but she was a judge over Israel during […]

Prioritization: Working as Yourself

Beloved, Do Your “Thang”

Priorities. I’d love to put a great blog post out all the time, even multiple times a week.  After all, don’t others do that?  When our plates are full, it’s tempting to look around and wonder, “How in the world do they do it?” The simple answer is priorities…and maybe resources.  However, I venture to say that sticking to their own prioritization list is key.  Sometimes, you just have to acknowledge when you are unable to do it all.  Actually, you might acknowledge that you don’t need to do it all.  Seek wisdom.  Given your specific season of life, determine what is necessary, what can be added, and what needs to be removed (temporarily or permanently).

Understand this:

Those who appear to be doing all you want to do, probably aren't doing all you do. #Grace. Click To Tweet

Some deeply burdened person needed to read and hear that.  Maybe that was you.  Maybe someone you know could use that too.  Share it.  Let’s show ourselves and each other some grace today.  Be encouraged.  You are not alone.  God has equipped each of us.  He strengthens us to work our own lists and run our own race, not the race meant for someone else.  Amen!

My Assignment

As for me, I made the choice to prioritize book writing for now.  You will just have to forgive me for a sporadic blog posting schedule, rather than being more consistent.  I’m okay with it.  Eventually, I too will find my “groove” again as my priority list changes.  For now, my writing schedule is laser focused on book writing.  Fortunately, I can report making good progress toward the completion of “Unlocking Peace.”  This book blesses me, and I believe it will bless others to understand and walk in the peace God intended.

Key Take-away:  You are blessed and others are blessed when you do what is intended for you to do – whatever that may be.  Don’t let comparison traps discourage you and distract you from accomplishing the assignment God has placed in front of you!

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No More Hunger and Thirst

2 Steps to a More Than Satisfied Life

image of bread basket and water for hunger and thirst

Have you ever experienced hunger, thirst or cravings? Hunger and thirst are nagging and sometimes painful feelings that send you in search of something to make that feeling go away.  Sometimes, what we have just isn’t enough to satisfy our need. In contrast, think about the best meal you have ever eaten.  I am talking about […]

Happy New Year - 2017

Abundant blessings to you in the new year!

The first month of the year is a great time for reflection, prayer, fasting, seeking wisdom, and establishing new goals.  Mind Activation Code will be taking the entire month of January for such activities.  Can’t wait to share more.  Stay tuned for other announcements later in January.